PT Sunrose Indonesia merupakan kolaborasi strategis antara dua grup terdepan dari jepang, Sunrose Group dan Sunregent.

Hari & Jam Kerja :
Senin – Jumat / 09:00 – 16:30
Sabtu / 09.00 – 12.00


As part of our globalization strategy, to develop and manufacture high quality interior products, in 2012 this firm was establised in Bandung, Indoneisa. PT Sunrose Indonesia is wholly funded by the group, with 90% of the capital from Sunrose and 10% from Sunregent. Along with curtains, of course Sunrose Indonesia manufactury cushions, cafe curtain and bedcovers, and engages day in new product development. The company constantly adopts the latest equiment and control methods, including implementing the newest digital printing equipment, maintaining materials, equipment, methods and personnel at high levels and contributing to the economies of Indonesia and Japan.

The Management Charter Of Sunrose group.

What’s human beings feelings impression of art.

Our role is creations of the high fashionable and qualified merchandise, which we can proud throughout the world. the needs of consumers tend to genuine articles and progress all the time. Opportunities of durable evulation are given only the one who provides their productions which fulfill such needs. Hence, in order to be the winner of the competitions, we never satisfy the circumstances today. Each of us has improve one’s point of view and create original ideas day by day that we improve ourselves.

What’s an excellent company A community of people who can proud and or exalt their own creations. therefore, we hereby declare that we make actions toward the target with our eager and courage.

Trinity triangle created most advanced productions.

Sunrose group has the entire channels of production, distribution and retailing. Therefore we always refer the costumer’s needs and take the responsibility for our productions. To create better merchandise, our viewpoint is not onlydomestic but also rest of the world. We import designs and fabrics to present the best proposal for you.